L’Hermione struggles in a thunderstorm and fights to turn around Finisterre to reach Pasai


The Organization shall ensure tickets refunds and will provide different options to change visiting hours.

The Organization will also provide further information about L’Hermione in a press conference, which will take place tomorrow at 11:30am at the Building of the Provincial County of Gipuzkoa (Diputación).

The arrival of L’Hermione planned for Thursday May 17th afternoon is practically discarded due to the poor weather and sea conditions. The French vessel departed from Portimao last May 11th and, from the very beginning of the navigation, conditions are being extremely difficult, due to adverse sea currents, north-western winds over 60 kilometres per hour and with strong four-metre high waves.

These adverse navigation conditions render impossible the sailing of a vessel of the characteristics of the French ship, especially in a place as conflictive for navigation as Cape Finisterre. It is a complex situation, moving slowly and with great difficulty. The captain and his crew are doing a brave effort in order to move forward on the journey, ensuring the safety of the boat and of the passengers on board. Navigation manoeuvres are aimed to evade the situation, trying not to retreat the course undertaken, navigating for this purpose, from east to west with bow-shape manoeuvres.

At the time of this press release, L’Hermione is precisely trying to head Finisterre and make profit of the window which will open in the next 36 hours, where the weather conditions are expected to improve, to pass around the Galician cape. The success of this attempt will be crucial to get to Pasaia during the following days, although it is practically assumed that the delay will be important, and it will be impossible to specify the date of arrival until the ship gets the Cantabrian sea and sets the course for the port in Gipuzkoa.

Despite the adverse weather conditions and the difficulties, the organization looks forward to receiving L’Hermione during the festival, ensuring ticket refunds for those who apply, and it is working on a contingency plan in order to offer whoever wishes to, a new time and date to visit the boat. All these issues will be confirmed at the moment the exact date of arrival of L’Hermione in Pasaia is precisely known.

Notwithstanding the difficulties L’Hermione is undertaking, the maritime festival sails at full speed. A large number of the more than 100 boats registered are already on the surroundings of Pasai and their presence is granted. Likewise, the assembly works of the stages for the musical concerts are well under way, and folkloric and gastronomic exhibitions are also, confirmed.