L’Hermione will arrive in Pasaia next week and she will stay until Sunday 27th


The Deputy for Culture Denis Itxaso, has announced today that the vessel L’Hermione will depart today from Vigo, where it stopped to repair a breakdown, and that its arrival in Pasaia is foreseen for May 23, at the latest, and it will stay in the port of Gipuzkoa until May 27. Thus, people who had reserved a visit to the vessel will be able, if the wish, to visit it from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27. If, on the contrary, people with tickets cannot attend the new appointment, they will be refunded the cost of the tickets. There will also be new tickets for those who would like to get them from the arrival of L’Hermione at the marquee prepared for the vessel at the quay of San Pedro.

The Adviser of Tourism Alfredo Retortillo, the mayoress Izaskun Gómez and Itxaso himself,  have announced that the Maritime Festival of Pasaia is the result of a interinstitutional working group and of the collaboration of the different local associations who have worked hard for the Festival to become something real today and with the aspiration to last in the future as one of the model maritime festivals on both European and international level.

He has also pointed that the arrival of Kaskelot accompanied by the traditional vessels taking part in the festival was just a small snack of a Festival that has countless and attractive activities programmed during the  whole weekend.