Izaskun Gómez Cermeño


Izaskun Gómez Cermeño
Mayoress of Pasaia Town Council

I welcome you to this website on behalf of the municipality of Pasaia.

From May 28 to June 1, 2020, the second edition of the International Maritime Festival, a gathering of traditional boats, will be held in Pasaia. After the resounding success of the first edition held in May 2018, with ten countries represented by 110 vessels and 300 crewmembers, in 2020 we want to consolidate our commitment to authenticity, giving prominence to our maritime heritage and to ships of heritage value. The quality of the boats and their maritime cultural diversity is the basis of the character of the Pasaia Maritime Festival, as the 125,000 visitors of the first edition can attest.

Pasaia really threw itself into the Festival; both individuals and members of different associations generously volunteered in the organization of the event; I sincerely thank them for their time and dedication, as only this joint effort made the Festival a reality.

In 2020 Pasaia will once again become the centre of Maritime Heritage. For five days it will be the stage on which will converge representatives of cultural and maritime heritage from all over the world,  so important for the social development of Pasaia. The Festival will allow us to have a look into our past, relive our history and have a glimpse into the daily life of our sailors of old. The waters of the bay will be full of traditional boats from different parts of the world that will inspire us.

Pasaia is a town which grew up in a natural harbor and has been involved in maritime activities for thousands of years. It has been one of the main centres of the evolution of shipbuilding, with many shipyards and renowned seamen. All this legacy, tangible and untangible, has reached us, making Pasaia an important centre of Basque maritime heritage. Fishing, trading and shipbuilding are still part of our economy, but the cultural and historical features related to these activities are more visible nowadays thanks to the initiative of associations working to recover this heritage.

By taking part in the organization of this Festival, we want to shine a spotlight on the seafaring identity of Pasaia, turning our town into an international model of maritime heritage, as well as creating wealth around new activities and services based on the recovery, appreciation and development of this rich legacy.

We invite you to share this celebration of maritime culture with Pasaia!